Eyelash Extensions Bristol.

We are so excited to start taking bookings from the 1st of August.

  • Our lash extensions are weightless and soft to touch.

  • We can achieve a very natural look or a glamorous look.

  • Eyelash extensions last between 2 to 3 months. Top-ups/refills are recommended every 4 weeks.

  • Choose from a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and curls!


COVID-19 Reopening.

Due to new lockdown regulations we can only offer treatments in our clients homes. Our small team of Lash artists will travel to you. You book in a time that suits you and we provide professional eyelash extensions.

Mon - Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sun: Closed


Post Covid Reopening we will be operating a little less fluidly than usual.

This is for the safety of you our customers and of our lovely lash techs.

You will be sent full safety information when booking, inline with current government guidelines. You are still able to instant book but please be sure to cancel if you or anyone in your household is at all unwell.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Bristol

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Bristol


Volume Eyelash Extensions



Angelic Beauty Bristol

Professional Eyelash Technicians.


Preparing For Eyelash Extensions.

Prepare for your lash makeover.

  1. Arrive with clean and makeup free lashes. do not arrive still wearing eye makeup. Your lash stylist should not be spending more than a few minutes preparing your lashes for the treatment. It is a waste of her skill time and a waste of your money.

  2. Avoid oil based products. If you use an oil based makeup remover, make sure that is removed fully. 

  3. Avoid caffeine and nicotine prior to your appointment if they make you at all shaky. This makes your lash stylists job taken much longer. 

  4. Arrive freshly showered and with clean hair. You won't be able to wet the lashes for the initial 24 hours after application. 48 hours until you can shower. A bath is allowed 24 hours after but be sure its not too steamy as this leads to premature lash loss.

  5. Take your contacts out before treatment, if you wear them bring a pair of glasses.


Looking After Eyelash Extensions.

  1. Refrain from picking at them. If they look out of place, just give them a quick brush.

  2. Treat them gently with care

  3. Avoid your favourite tear-jerker as it’s no tears during the cure period! After 24 hours, you can cry all you want.

  4. Try not to sleep on them, sleep on your back for the first day to ensure that the glue isn’t tampered with

  5. Stay away from chlorinated pools and heat treatments such as steam rooms, saunas and sunbeds for at least 24 hours, as this is the time that the lashes need for proper bonding.

  6. Avoid oil-based eye makeup and makeup remover. This is so that the oil does not break down the glue that keeps the lashes secured to the lid